Attending A Class

Arrive Early

Please plan to arrive approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. That way you will have time to meet the instructor, sign in, and be ready for class before it begins.

What To Wear

Wear loose, comfortable clothing to workout in. A t-shirt and training pants will be just fine. You may wear shoes to our facility, but will not wear them on our mat.

What To Expect

 This session will serve as an introduction to our studio and what we do.  You will learn basic skills and get familiar with our training.

Bring Water

Bring a bottled water with you to your lesson. Especially if it is warm outside.

Have Fun

Enjoy your time with us. You have chance to learn something new and discover abilities you never knew you had. 

FAQs ( frequently Asked Questions)

 Some of the most frequently asked questions we get 

Frequently Asked Questions

How fit should I be to train?

 We work with people at all physical fitness levels. Whether you haven’t been exercising at all, or exercise on a regular basis,our class structure is designed to be scalable to where you are physically.

Do I need previous experience?

No previous experience is required. We specialize in helping those with no experience get involved in our program that is safe, exciting, and fun.

Do I have to be flexible?

You don't have to be flexible to train with us. You will develop flexibility "from" training with us.

Will I Have To Fight Anyone?

Not, you will not have to "fight" with anyone. After a period of time in training, students are given the opportunity to participate in our sparring program to learn this aspect of our system.

More Questions?

Contact us for more information