Info on Our Move & New Location

Official Start Date: December 2nd

We begin classes at the new facility on Monday, December 2nd. All classes will be at their regularly scheduled times.


 We have started a GoFundMe page to help raise funds for our move. If you would like to contribute you can click  HERE 

Rummage Sale

 We are selling equipment such as punching bags, fitness equipment, and more that we will not be taking to the new facility. Visit the school to see what's available. 

We Need Help Moving:

On  Saturday November 30th at 9:00 AM   we will need help moving our mats and training bags. If you have a vehicle capable of transporting these items and would like to help. Contact Mr. Frack at the school. 626-331-3252 

Thank You

 Thank you to all of you that have given such great support as we go through this transition into our new martial arts home. 

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Student Area

MAI Sample YouTube Channel

 This is an experimental channel where we will be testing out presenting video material for our students. Please visit at least once a week. Also please feel free to leave comments below the videos. 

Student Documents

Various documents students need are available for download

Upcoming Events

Our next upcoming events.

Our Studio Calendar

Our school calendar. Upcoming events, closures, ect.

Full Class Schedule

A list of all of our scheduled classes

Mobile Friendly Calendar

This version of our calendar renders better on mobile phones


No upcoming events.

MAI Calendar

MAI Mobile Calendar

Student Documents


Current Cover Letter

This “Cover Letter” is for students in our Junior Martial Arts Classes. 

Notebook Cover (optional)

This is a simple notebook cover that has our school name, logo, and place for student's name.








Ninja Night Flyer

Lego Ninja Night Flyer (pdf)