Teen & Adult Programs

Training & Curriculum



Martial Arts training is a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. Our  training wil develop a high level of fitness for:

Functionality & Quality of Life

Saving Your Life or Someone Else’s In An Emergency 

Defendig Yourself or Someone Else

Awareness Training


The best self defense is not getting into an altercation in the first place. Our program focuses on developing the D’s of Protection:

Deter - How to make it so you are not selected by an attacker in the first place

Detect - Learning awareness skills to detect possible threats and avoid them.

Defuse - Verbal and body language techniques for de-escalating dangerous situations.

Delay - How to use your environment to make it more difficult for an attacker to get to you.

Defend - Practical, effective, easy to learn self defense techniques and skills.

Striking Curriculum


We utilize offensive and defensive striking techniques from many styles and incorporate them into our curriculum so students learn a  variety of self defense tools.

Grappling Curriculum


A fight may end up on the ground, our grappling training includes techniques and skills that allow students to be competent at defending themselves in this situation.



Students are trained in the defense against:

Edged Weapons (knive, screwdriver, ect.), Impact Weapons (baseball bat, crowbar, ect), and Firearms (hand guns, rifles, ect.)

Extended Curriculum


We include access for students to specialty training such as Active Shooter, Family Defense, and more