Youths Ages 8-12


A Modern Traditional Martial Art School

We retain the values of of a "traditional" martial art school, while employing modern techniques and training methods. 

Practical Self Defense

Our students are taught practical, easy to learn, and appropriate self defense skills. This begins with teaching them how "not" to get into a fight or other dangerous situation. Our students learn to:

Deter potential predators from choosing them to victimize in the first place. 

Detect dangerous people and dangerous situations.

Defuse aggression through verbal and body language skills

Delay the agressions of an attacker by knowing when and how to run away.

Defend themselves with practical and appropriate self defense techniques and skills.

Character Development

Honor, discipline, and respect are among the many character traits we develop in our students.

Physical Fitness

One of the cornerstones of our training is for students to be as physically fit as possible. Not only will this improve their physical martial art skills, but also their mental confidence as well.


Our students learn the skills of leadership by first being a good "follower". This means taking instruction and following directions. Then students are guided to be independent "self-starters". Meaning they get to work without having to be told what to do. Finally, students are taught to be "Leaders". From one on one work with a partner, to leading groups.


Students learn best while having fun. We create an environment where students are having fun training, but maintain a level of discipline that gets high quality results.